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Razor Bump Elimination: Tips that African-Americans Should Know

1Ingrown hair or razor bumps have become quite a concern for several men and women across the globe. Razor bumps can be very ugly. The bumps usually develop after you have shaved and they can continue to bug you for days. In severe cases, the bumps can bleed, develop pus and cause scarring. The assistance of a physician might be required in a case like this. This condition affects virtually all people, although African-Americans seem to be the most affected. The curly and stiff hair they have tends to worsen the situation. And it can mean a lot to them to know more regarding razor bump elimination.

1. Do not use the same razor.

The first step in black men shaving is shaving with a sharp razor blade versus using an old blade more than once. People usually continue to reuse blades four to five times before throwing them out. What they do not realize is that this cause razor bumps to erupt. Old razors end up losing their edge and they are no longer capable of giving a close shave. This type of African American shaving can cause shaved hairs to grow longer and curl inwards. And the growing hair can puncture your skin.

2. Shaving should be done every couple of days.

Shaving every other day allows the skin to restore its health and recuperate. Shaving every single day with an old razor is a foolproof recipe for disaster. Therefore, one way of how to get rid of razor bumps is to shave every couple of days.

3. Consider exfoliating.

Exfoliating your skin typically involves the use of gentle scrubs or African American Fade cream. These products can be purchased easily from pharmacies or online stores. Exfoliation helps in softening the skin. It also helps in clearing your pores so you can have an easier shave.

4. Use razors with only one edge.

Most people are convinced that razors with multiple edges have a clear advantage over razors that only have a single edge. However, there is not much truth in this claim. Razors with multiple edges make it easier for razor bumps to develop. This is why dermatologists often remind us to avoid close shaving daily because they lead to the development of razor bumps.

5. Use warm water while shaving.

While shaving, it is recommended that you use warm water over cold water. Warm water allows your skin to breathe easily, thereby helping in razor bump elimination. This also helps in clearing the pores, and it also allows hair to become smoother. Razor bumps or pseudofolliculitis can also be avoided if you try to make it a habit to apply after-shave cream or gel along with warm water.